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Ensuring powerful performance. Optimal efficiency. And better safety. Enjoy the benefits of our fully equipped SEAT service department with factory trained technicians and the latest electronic diagnostic equipment.

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What's in a SEAT Service?

Maintenance & inspection service
No time to slow down? Regular maintenance keeps your SEAT healthy. So you never have to stand still.

Oil change
Regular oil changes keep your engine running efficiently. Use Castrol Oil for optimal protection against wear & tear. It’s good to think ahead.

Battery exchange
Starting the engine should be just as easy as getting on with your plans.

Wipers exchange
Streaks on the windscreen shouldn’t stop you seeing through the day.

Shock absorbers exchange
Keep steady when the world throws unexpected bumps your way.

Brakes exchange
Brakes are meant to slow your car down, not your day.

Transmission and exhaust exchange
Same day exchanges to keep your gears as smooth as your plans.

We Only use Genuine Parts & Oils

SEAT Genuine Parts keep your car young. And keep you going. High quality, genuine products. Adapted to you.

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We are Authentic

Only Genuine Parts for every service and repair. Authenticity counts.

No Worries

Two-year unlimited mileage warranty with every part. Safe. Reliable. Confident.

Original is Best

Made with the same standards you would expect from a new SEAT fresh off the assembly line. Perfectly adapted. Guaranteed value.

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Service Hours

  • Mon to Fri
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • 7:30am to 5:30pm*
  • 8:00am to 12:00pm*
  • Closed

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What you can Expect

So you know what to expect when you visit our friendly team when you come in for servicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Enjoy the benefits of our fully equipped service department with highly trained factory technicians and the latest electronic diagnostic equipment.