The New ŠKODA KAROQ in 60 Seconds

It’s no coincidence that the ŠKODA KAROQ is the Czech carmaker’s best-selling SUV. And its latest incarnation will win you over in 60 seconds.

The new ŠKODA KAROQ compact SUV builds on the model’s strengths, bringing in technical innovations and a more confident design. The new hexagonal radiator grille, redesigned bumper and headlights with the new four-eyed design that incorporates a new daytime running light for a more self-assured look. For the first time, the KAROQ is also available with LED Matrix headlights.

The New KAROQ in 60 Seconds

The KAROQ is a popular family car and all-rounder. The SUV’s adventurous nature is complemented by a spacious and highly variable interior. The luggage compartment can hold up to 521 litres.

LED headlights, an extensive array of assistance systems and safety equipment (up to 9 airbags, predictive cruise control and Travel Assist, emergency braking, multi-collision braking and more), and modern digital equipment with connectivity functions and services, including the voice assistant Laura, combine to make the KAROQ a truly modern SUV. The car’s modern credentials are underlined by the use of eco-friendly, partially recycled and recyclable interior materials. 

For a more complete look at the new ŠKODA KAROQ, have a look at the ŠKODA -Storyboards coverage here

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