The Nürburgring. The world’s most challenging racetrack. ŠKODA took its new seven-seater SUV to this iconic spot to break a track record.

ŠKODA’s first high-performance SUV brings its dynamic ambitions to the fore with plenty of black accents – its striking radiator grille, its roof rails, window frames and wing mirrors all come in high-gloss black.

ŠKODA Kodaiq RS driving on the Nürburgring ring

The rear is shaped by two visible tailpipes below the bumper and a reflector that extends across the entire width of the car – the distinguishing feature of all ŠKODA RS models.


You can see instantly that the Kodiaq RS has power for the taking. Unique tell-tale signs give away the fact that this is the fastest of beasts.

The Kodiaq RS effortlessly combines sporty accessories with the luxurious interior of an SUV. If you’re on a long journey enjoying all the car’s creature comforts, whenever you want you can let your hair down in an instant – you have everything you need to take the vehicle through its paces on the country roads.

The Kodiaq boasts an innate combination of power and speed – the sporty Kodiaq RS is no exception. Its confidence and performance whatever the situation will give you a sense of security while delivering an exciting driving experience.

Racing is in the Kodiaq RS’s blood.

For proof, look no further than the new record at the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife, where a seven-seater version of the car was driven by racing driver Sabine Schmitz.

Join the Kodiaq RS interest register and you’ll be given priority access to New Zealand model specification, pricing and landing timeframes ahead of the general public, and the opportunity to reserve your ŠKODA Kodiaq RS ahead of its New Zealand arrival.

Contact Us About Test Driving the Kodaiq

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