ŠKODA ENYAQ iV Announcement

Introducing the all-new ENYAQ iV, ŠKODA’s first electric SUV. Striking styling, spacious interior, high-quality materials and the latest technology. With its cutting-edge connectivity, state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems and exceptional comfort, it is perfect for city traffic and long hauls alike.

ŠKODA have envieled their first electric SUV marking a huge milestone in the carmarkers sustaianable future. The ENYAQ iV is ŠKODA’s first electric car based on the MEB platform and represents the the next level for ŠKODA. With a bigger focus on digitalisation and electric mobility.

The ENYAQ iV marks the start of what ŠKODA are calling their green fuel era. Along with steps forward in the brands values: Simply Clever solutions, generous interiors and smart technology.

The Design

In our ENYAQ iV, we have further advanced our ŠKODA-typical front section – a particularly distinctive feature of which is the Crystal Face. Combined with the emotive design language and a strikingly rugged appearance that is also reinforced by large wheels, our new ENYAQ iV is a real eye-catcher that sets a new tone.

ŠKODA chief designer Oliver Stefani

The long wheel base and shorter front bonnect give a clear indication of the spacious interior. Measuring 4,649(L)mm x 1,879(W)mm x 1,616(H)mm, the ENYAQ iV is closer in size to the 7-seat KODIAQ SUV with more dynamic and sporty styling. The ENYAQ iV low drag coefficient & sophisticated drivetrain this EV will boast excellent maximum range (up to 500km).

Including in the roll out of the ENYAQ iV ŠKODA are introducing new interior Design Selection configurations. These Design Selections replace the trim levels and a re complete packages of design elements to suit the needs and tastes of drivers. Making use of sustainable and recycled materials, each Design Selection gives a distinct atmosphere with the choice of upholstery, colours, materials and dashboard.

If you want to know more about the design of the new ENYAQ iV. Get to know the new EV through the eyes of ŠKODA’s chief designer Oliver Stefani here

The Electric Engine

The ENYAQ iV will be available in five outputs, three battery sizes with two drivetrain options*.

  • The base model starts with a 109kW motor and capacity of 55kWh with a range of around 340km (WLTP cycle).
  • The next model up has a capacity of 62kWh with a 132kW electric motor producing a range of up to 390km (WLTP cycle).
  • The thrid variant has a 150kW 310Nm motor with a capacity of 82kWh offering the longest range, up to 510km (WLTP cycle).
  • The two all-wheel drive variants feature the largest battery with a dual electric motors (on the front & rear axles). Delivering 195kW of power while the RS variant outputs 225kW. both of these have a range of up to 460km (WLTP cycle)

For charging at home, customers can use one of the three wallbox designs that ŠKODA offers*. Of course, the charging speed depends on the method used and the capacity of your ENYAQ iV’s battery. The largest battery with a nominal capacity of 82 kWh can be charged from 5% to 80% in just 38 minutes. The home wallbox offers an output of almost 11 kW, meaning that the ENYAQ iV will reach a full charge in six to eight hours, depending on battery size.

Hi-tech and Simply Clever

ŠKODA ENYAQ iV of course includes the ever popular umbrella storage, located in the drivers door and ice scraper located in the tailgate. Along with the classics the ENYAQ iV has space under the boot for the charging cable.

The ENYAQ iV has plenty of safety features with emergecny braking, warnings for potentiential collisions with cyclists or cars when opening the door and nine airbags. Inside the ENYAQ you’ll find a 13″ central touchscreen and infotainment system. For the driver there is a 5.3″ virtual cockpit beneath the steering wheel and an innovative two-section heads-up display. the lower showing dashboard displays; speed, traffic signs. the upper has a larger AR projections zone showing navigation instructions.

For a complete look at the new SKODA ENYAQ iV, including the limited Founders Edition click here.

*New Zealand spec is yet to be confirmed

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