The Next Generation Mitsubishi Outlander

The Next Generation Outlander for the Next Generation. The latest family SUV from Mitsubishi is set to arrive on NZ shores in late 2021.

Based on the product concept ‘I-Fe-Do-Do’, meaning authentic & majestic in Japanese, the next generation Mitsubishi Outlander is a great upgrade for New Zealand families. Featuring upgraded styling, driving performance and high-quality components the new SUV is ready to tackle anything you have to throw at it.

Next Gen outlander exterior nz spec shot outside

On the road the Outlander makes a bold statement with the next generation Dynamic Shield front face, stylish new alloy wheels and generous body proportions. Inside the Outlander gives an immaculate sense of luxury with new high-quality finishes and liquid crystal meter display. Plus comfortable third row of seats (7-seats in total) with triple-zone climate control to keep everyone happy.

interior of the next generation outlander right hand drive

The newly developed 2.5L MIVEC petrol engine improves the power & fuel efficiency (WLTC mode) over previous generation Outlander. Coupled with a smooth 8-speed sport mode CVT transmission, the Outlander makes a fantastic Wellington car. Optionally the new Outlander can have upgrade to Mitsubishi’s 4WD model, perfect for adventures across NZ.

leather seat & alloy wheel details of the next generation outlander

For a more comprehensive look at the next generation Mitsubishi Outlander check out this YouTube Playlist from Mitsubishi. The Outlander is set to arrive in New Zealand in late 2021, if you have any questions you can always contact the Gazley Mitsubishi team here.

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