Arriving in 2023: Hybrid & Electric Cars

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for e-mobility in New Zealand. Here at Gazley we're welcoming 10 new hybrid & electric vehicles to our line-up.

Hybrid Cars

The Alfa Romeo Tonale

Expected to arrive: First half of 2023

The all-new Tonale Hybrid starts the exciting new era of electrification and connectivity for Alfa Romeo, without compromising on performance and iconic Italian design. The new Tonale Hybrid compact SUV reinvents the sportiness of the 21st century, while guaranteeing pure driving pleasure at the same time. The hybrid engine with the new 48-volt hybrid propulsion system enhances its sporty nature, as you would expect from an Alfa Romeo.

The Jeep Compass 4Xe

Expected to arrive: First half of 2023

The Jeep spirit hasn’t changed, and the Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid embodies Jeeps’ commitment to the future. With a powerful electric motor, iconic 4×4 capability and improved safety. Learn more about the newest addition to the 4xe family.

The Jeep Renegade 4Xe

Expected to arrive: First half of 2023

Jeep’s pioneering spirit has been reborn and reimagined in the 4xe’s Dual Soul: the electric and petrol engines work together to form a hybrid vehicle that offers an enhanced driving experience as you prepare for new adventures – without the emissions.

Fully Electric


Expected to arrive: Second half of 2023

Harness the true challenger spirit and carve a new path. Fuelled by emission-free performance, backed by exhilarating CUPRA drive. Enjoy an intuitive driving experience with future-powered solutions. Fully equipped and expertly designed for safer driving, the CUPRA Born uses the latest safety technology to get you there fully protected.

Learn more about the Born here.

The Škoda Enyaq IV

Expected to arrive: First half of 2023

Introducing the all-new ENYAQ iV, Škoda’s first electric SUV. Striking styling, spacious interior, high-quality materials and the latest technology are just a few of its many highlights. With its cutting-edge connectivity, state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems and exceptional comfort, it is perfect for city traffic and long hauls alike.

Learn more about the Enyaq here.

The Volkswagen ID.4

Expected to arrive: Second half of 2023

Incredible design. Groundbreaking electric performance. An entirely reshaped interior that creates a whole new sense of space. And user-friendly technology that brings an intuitive feeling to every drive. The new fully electric ID.4: powerful like an SUV, sustainable like an ID. Discover a revolutionary way to drive.

Every red traffic light becomes a new opportunity to encounter groundbreaking fun. The 150kW/310Nm electric motor of the ID.4 accelerates dynamically from a standstill with instant torque. No shifting, no delay – just drive off and experience the pure thrill.

Learn more about the ID.4 here.

The Volkswagen ID.5

Expected to arrive: Second half of 2023

Discover the new standard-setting electric car. With powerful performance and a flowing silhouette, the new ID.5 successfully achieves a modern symbiosis of SUV and coupé with all the power and elegance of an electric vehicle.

Learn more about the ID.5 here.

Mercedes-AMG EQS

The Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ opens the door to the extremely exciting future of AMG Driving Performance. And we have good news, because we are creating an all-electric vehicle that is also a true AMG. As always, it is suitable for everyday use whilst still including features that fascinate. Join us at the start.

Learn more about the EQS here.

The all electric Mercedes-Benz EQV

In the EQV you can feel just as safe as in any other Mercedes-Benz, because our electrically powered vehicles are put through the same demanding vehicle trials and tests as all our vehicles. You and your passengers sit on ergonomic seats in the EQV. Then, with “Hey Mercedes”, you can start voice control for your MBUX system and effortlessly operate many vehicle functions.

Learn more about the EQV here.

The Mercedes-Bens EQE

The all new EQE further advances the reality of progressive mobility. With its dynamic design, cutting-edge technology and electrifying performance, this revolutionary all-electric sedan entices with overwhelming sensory appeal. Explore the possibilities with the all new EQE. From the iconic one-bow design to the stunning MBUX Hyperscreen: the new EQE combines sensual aesthetics with pioneering engineering at the highest level. Experience a new, luxurious era of electric mobility.

Learn more about the EQE here.

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