Vegetarian Cooking in the Wild with ŠKODA & Almazon Kitchen: Cottage

Nature is perfect when you want to hide away, and mountains are best of all for a retreat. In fact, they seem to have been made for that, as people climb up there to find another, better perspective. Staying at a remote cottage in the mountains does not detach you from the world, but somehow makes you closer to the very essence of life. Feel the freedom in the last episode of Cooking in the Wild with ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen.

For Almazan Kitchen, the YouTube cooking stars, the act of escaping the city and cooking in the wild spawned their famous channel and became a signature feature of their highly regarded videos.

“My uncle was always taking me to the forest, where we would make food together and enjoy nature. Once, just for fun, we decided to film what we were doing. At the time, we were cooking at his house in northern Serbia. We shot some of our recipes and uploaded them to YouTube, and after a while the videos started to get some views. We saw this and thought that maybe we should continue – but this time we decided to film out in the countryside. That’s when the videos really started to take off – people were impressed because they had never seen anything like this,” says Aleksandar Almazan as he describes the secret to their success.

Now, together with ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT, they are continuing their journey into mountainous solitude. Don’t miss this opportunity to chill with them among the glorious peaks of Austrian Alps as you admire their great chef skills in making mouthwatering vegetarian tacos from scratch.

You can check out the recipe and photo-shoot for the dish over at SKODA-Storyboard. You can also follow Almazon Kitchen here.

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