Icons Get a Makeover: ŠKODA VOITURETTE

Designer Yuhan Zhang reimagining the historic VOITURETTE A as a futuristic autonomous tour guide.

The ŠKODA Design team have teamed up the ŠKODA Storyboard for a new series called Icons Get a Makeover. Where designers get the chance to showcase their skills by designers modern interpretations of the car makers classic vehicles.

First on the list is the VOITURETTE A, LAURIN & KLEMENT’s first automobile getting a luxury reimagining by Yuhan Zhang.

This car is amazing, so simple but with lots of beautiful, even artistic, details. And this couch seat is just as comfortable as I’d imagined.

Yuhan got behind the wheel of the VOITURETTE A, which is on display at the ŠKODA Museum before setting out on her design challenge. What came out of Yuhan’s sketch book was a modern two-seater carriage, that would give passengers autonomous tours.

Yuhan’s VOITURETTE was lowered and given more length, but retained the high setting position and gold detailing. In place of a steering wheels and controls, passengers are greeted with a futuristic cockpit like screen.

I wanted to preserve the car’s original spirit. It has a very characteristic shape with a pronounced bonnet, a high sitting position on a kind of couch and a minimalist cockpit.

Yuhan’s vision of the VOITURETTE was also given a specific purpose. To autonomously drive tourists around a city like Prague, while giving passengers information about the sights as they go. Making use of the advanced display in front of passengers.

To read the full story and get a glimpse into Yuhan Zhang’s process for this project visit ŠKODA Storyboard here.

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