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SEAT micromobility Solution: eXS KickScooter

The new SEAT eXS powered by Segway is a perfect micromobility solution for users who want to get around the city in an efficient and sustainable way.
  • The electric eXS KickScooter powered by Segway will be presented next November 13th at the Smart City Expo World Congress, where visitors can take it for a test run
  • SEAT aspires to become a benchmark in electric urban mobility solutions
  • Strategic agreement between SEAT and SEGWAY to respond to the growing demand for last-mile electric urban mobility
  • Launch of the eXS in November and an exclusive Black Friday for SEAT employees
  • SEAT is looking for Spanish cities to implement an eXS sharing pilot test

As cities continue to grow, achieving efficient mobility has become one of the major challenges that institutions and carmakers have to tackle.

Traffic jams, the lack of parking spaces and reduced emissions zones in city centres are just some of the daily challenges that drivers are faced with. If we add to this a 20% reduction in the number of customers under 30 in Europe who are committed to buying a car, it is clear that transportation needs are changing.

The new SEAT eXS powered by Segway is a perfect micromobility solution for users who want to get around the city in an efficient and sustainable way. The SEAT eXS is going to make its first public appearance at the Smart City Expo World Congress being held in Barcelona from November 13th to 15th, where visitors will have the chance to take it for an exclusive test run.

SEAT, commited to electric urban mobility

As part of its EasyMobility strategy, the brand’s objective is to build its product and service portfolio by presenting new solutions to the market in the framework of urban mobility. In this sense, within the Volkswagen Group’s micromobility strategy, the automotive group’s different brands plan to launch urban mobility solutions in the future.

“We aim to make SEAT a benchmark in micromobility. In this sense our aim is to ensure that everyone who lives in an urban setting is familiar with the options offered by SEAT for getting around the city in an economical, sustainable, agile and fun way” 

SEAT Product Marketing director Lucas Casasnovas.

SEAT and Segway – leaders in urban mobility

SEAT has reached a strategic agreement with Segway, one of the world’s leading companies in individual electric mobility. Segway has become a global reference in offering a safe and ecological solution in the electric micromobility market. The high technology, efficiency and sustainability of its products were the key factors for implementing the partnership. Following its acquisition by transportation robotics start-up Ninebot in 2015, Segway has launched several micro mobility solutions for the consumer market.

With this move, the new SEAT eXS was designed exclusively by SEAT for its customers, and features Segway’s leading electric technology built into the platform of its ES2 model.

This vehicle enables users to cover the remaining distance of any trip, even reaching places which are difficult for cars to access. Thanks to its large 8 inch diameter wheels, it is easy to ride and its front and rear suspensions give it smooth handling. The battery and engine combination enables it to travel up to 25km/h.

The eXS is also equipped with front and rear LED lights, customisable ambient light, an LCD screen, cruise control and an anti-theft deterrent, and an additional battery can be connected to increase its range, which reaches a maximum of 45km, depending on conditions.

You can find out more about the eXS here

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