SEAT Ibiza and Arona gain five-star safety rating

  • SEAT achieve highest safety rating for Ibiza and Arona in Latin America
  • The Ibiza and Arona attain five stars for adult and child protection (*)
  • Ibiza and Arona continue SEAT’s impressive safety record in Latin NCAP tests

SEAT’s vehicles have once again been awarded the top safety rating from testing organisation Latin NCAP. Both the SEAT Ibiza and Arona, with 6 airbags and the Electronic Stability Control as a standard equipment, achieved the highest level of safety possible in the Latin American and the Caribbean consumer protection body’s series of tests, reinforcing the two vehicles’ outstanding safety performance, having already achieved 5 stars in Europe under Euro NCAP testing last year.

The results underline SEAT’s capability in developing vehicles that not only meet the needs of a diverse consumer base with a multitude of needs, but also the ability to offer among the safest cars on the market.

The SEAT Ibiza and Arona went through a rigorous set of tests to determine adult and child occupant safety. Active/primary safety tests are also part of the tests set.

The Ibiza and Arona were subjected to three types of impact to determine adult and child occupant safety: a front impact at 64km/h, a side impact at 50km/h and a side pole impact test conducted at 29km/h. Regarding active safety, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Seatbelt Reminders (SBR) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) has been also tested with successful results.

On each occasion the organisation judged that occupants were well protected should an accident occur; the Ibiza and Arona scored 89% and 88% for adult protection and 85% and 87% for child protection respectively.

We’re gratified with the outstanding safety rating the Ibiza and Arona have achieved in Latin NCAP’s demanding tests, and it emphasised our committment to guaranteeing the highest level of both active and passive safety in all the models we produce

Dr Matthias Rabe, Vice-President for Research and Development at SEAT

The Ibiza and Arona’s list of standard safety equipment played a huge part in the vehicles achieving Latin NCAP’s highest safety rating. Both cars benefit from six airbags giving occupants both front and lateral protection as well as belt load limiters and pretensioners, while the child restrain systems meet the very highest demands of the Latin American and the Caribbean markets.

Latin NCAP provides consumers with independent, transparent safety information about vehicles available in Latin America. The high-scoring results from the Ibiza and Arona Latin NCAP tests are hugely commendable, because although the tests differ slightly from those run in Europe at Euro NCAP, they have become significantly tougher as market demands for safety features grow.
(*) Result valid for cars produced from September, 1st 2018

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