Cooking in the Wild with ŠKODA & Almazon Kitchen: Lake

ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen have teamed up to prepare a short series about cooking in the wild. This is part 2: Lake

Being close to nature and enjoying the tranquility of the environment is a real luxury today. Follow the ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT and Almazan Kitchen, the outdoor cooking stars, and feel the peaceful beauty of nature at a mountain lake.

Water is a source of life; it’s where we actually come from. Being close to it gets us closer to the source of natural balance – which many people now miss so much in their daily lives fraught with haste and tension. The only thing you’ll see rushing in the new episode of Cooking in the Wild with ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen is a wild stream running down green slopes.

“We basically need water for cooking,” Alex Almazan tells us. “And we love remote places where no one will bother you. The basic idea of our YouTube channel is to get out there and cook in the wild. That’s also why the channel is so popular. People come home tired from work and when they watch our videos they can just unplug and forget about all the daily commotion for a while.”

Ever since they started their now popular YouTube channel, the idea has been to provide viewers with this perfect form of relaxation. The link they make between food and nature is simple yet so inescapably tempting to watch. It taps into something deep within us and lets it flow out – like the water that is the main theme of the latest episode in the ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen series about cooking in the wild. And the new ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT is the ideal partner on this journey. Enjoy the story and check out the recipe below for a simply delicious fish cooked in salt!

The next episode will feature some mouth-watering vegetarian food.
You can check out the recipe and photo-shoot for the dish over at SKODA-Storyboard. You can also follow Almazon Kitchen here.

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