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Welcome to the fast and reliable EV charging experience that empowers you to reduce your charging costs and carbon footprint at home.

Fast, Intelligent & Reliable Charging

Evnex wall mounted charger

Fast, Intelligent & Reliable Charging

Evnex E2 Smart EV Charger

NZ’s only EV charger to track your carbon impact.

The E2 is the only EV charger in New Zealand that accurately tracks your charging emissions and gives you insights to help charge from cleaner electricity.

From $1,395+gst

Innovative Charger

Charge from 100% clean energy or customise your preferred solar export / grid import energy mix. Don’t have home solar yet? Our home EV chargers are solar ready if you install a PV system in the future.

Accurately track your electricity costs with tailored pricing schedules that help optimise your charging routine. Get insights into the effectiveness of your solar diversion setup and trust that your EV charging costs are accurate.


Evnex EV chargers adjust your charging rate in real time to avoid overloading your home’s electrical supply. This means you can use other power hungry appliances while safely maximising charging speed.

A tethered EV charger will only be compatible with vehicles that match its plug type, but can be more convenient as the cable is always attached. A socket (universal) EV charger allows for more flexibility, as the appropriate cable can be swapped depending on the vehicle being charged. Don’t forget however with a socket charger, there will be an additional expense of buying the cable to plug into it.

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