The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV: Interior Design Selections

The ENYAQ iV is changing the way we look at car interiors. With their new complete interior designs, replacing the previous configuration choices.

Purity of design, innovations and sustainability are the core principles of ŠKODA’s new interior Design Selections. These new themed interior packages for the ENYAQ iV were designed to create a homely feeling for the driver and occupants.
A run down of the various Design Selections

The team at ŠKODA Design headed by Kateřina Vránová took a holistic approach when designing the new interiors. Varying combinations of upholstery, decorative features, accessories and materials create varying atmospheres unique to each selection. Inspired by real world living rooms making the ENYAQ iV an ‘Electric lunge on wheels’.

“We came up with a series of thematically distinct interiors, from the simplest to the most luxurious. What’s more, some can be ordered in several colour schemes. But we kept in mind the current standard of interior features ŠKODA uses – the higher versions are derived from the basic versions. The main difference is the materials used. At the top levels we can find leather or microfibre materials, and for the first time ever we are using recycled materials combined with new wool,”

Says Kateřina Vránová, head of ŠKODA Design’s Color & Trim, describing how the new concept was created

Made From Recycled Materials

The Lodge & ecoSuite Selections have focus on sustainability. Notably the seat covers, which are now made from 40% wool. The wool used underwent all sorts of independent testing & certifications according to strict Woolmark rules. The other 60% of the seat covers is made from polyester created from recycled plastic bottles. This fabric blend is breathable, hypoallergenic and has fantastic temperature qualities (won’t get too hot or cold).
An overview of the Lodge Design Selection

If you’re after leather in your car for a bit of luxury the ecoSuite Design Selction has you covered. The cognac-brown leather used in some of the covers, is not made in the typical way (using chemicals). The hide is instead treated with olive leaf extracts.
An overview of the Lounge Design Selection

Full complete overview of the new Design Selections on the ENYAQ iV click here. The Design Sections that will be available in NZ are yet to be announced, but to stay up to date on the new ENYAQ iV. You can register your interest with SKODA NZ.

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