Some extradordinary videos were shot for the ŠKODA SUV range during the coronavirus lock-down in Europe. Dutch producer Steffan Haars, From Form studio duo Jurjen Versteeg & Ashley Govers along with Dutch film icon Johan Kramer all took up the challenge of filiming with only a toy car and what some necessary props.

Most people are now trying to find a way to work from home undisturbed. Because wherever you look, distractions are there. That’s what inspired the Dutch producer to depict a father of a family, who’s continually being distracted by a small toy car, specifically a KODIAQ. ‘I was curious what it will be like to work with a small crew consisting of myself and my girlfriend. She was the one who held and focused the camera when I was acting in a shot. Other than that, I was shooting – doing so after eleven years was great and I enjoyed it a lot!’ Steffen says.

If you like the look of the KODAIQ, have a look at the full sized model over at our ŠKODA webiste.


The studio founded by a Dutch duo Jurjen Versteeg and Ashley Govers used the above-mentioned frame-by-frame shooting technique for their clip. Both makers are used to working in a minimalist set and team, but admit they’ve never shot at home. They also confess that the stop-motion technique put their patience to the test as the scenes come to life bit by bit. ‘We live in a small city flat so what we struggled with the most was space. We had to plan everything carefully and work from room to room. But still, before you know it your whole house ends up filled with tripods, lights and cables – no space left for us to eat dinner,’ explains Govers and adds a story about even using one simply clever solution: ‘Doing many things all at once, we were often short of hands. At one point, Jurjen played the chasing hand, focused the camera and used his toe to tap on a wireless keyboard to shoot each frame.’

You can see the rest of the videos along, some behind the scenes photos and a bit more about the film makers here. For more ŠKODA news check out ŠKODA Storyboard.

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