The All-New Nissan JUKE awarded a 5-Star ANCAP safety rating

The all new Nissan JUKE is packed with intelligent driving technologies designed to increase safety and help you move through life with more confidence, more excitement and more connection to the world around you.

The all-new Nissan JUKE has been awarded top marks for safety in Australia. Meaning this soon-to-launch small SUV has received a full 5-Star rating in both ANCAP & Euro NCAP safety standards.

The JUKE is an ‘all-round safety performer’ with a perfect score (8 out of 8)for adult & child occupants in the side impact test. Another perfect score for in the child restraint installation assessment.

The safety of the JUKE starts with is advanced reinforced structure, built from ultra-high-strength steel in key areas improving rigidity. While also absorbing and dissipating forces before any reach the passenger safety cell.

In the Vulnerable Road User Protection category (a focus on pedestrians and cyclists) the JUKE scores an 81%. With multiple active safety features including; Intelligent Emergency Braking, which will apply the brakes and warn the driver if an impact is anticipated from either a pedestrian or cyclist.

Protecting yourself and your family during an accident is vital, but an equally important safety feature is accident avoidance. The JUKE scores a 71% rating in this category with its Nissan Intelligent Mobility Technologies.

With seat-mounted front-side and full-length curtain airbags, the JUKE also comes with advanced active-safety with the Nissan Intelligent Mobility systems. Which include Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency braking, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning with Intelligent Lane Intervention.*

Alongside the advanced safety features the JUKE has the staples you’ve come to trust; auto LED headlights with high beam assist, reverse camera, parking sensors, blind spot warnings.

If you’re interested in the New JUKE you can register your interest with Nissan NZ here.

For the full break-down of the the JUKE safety tests:

*Please Note that the NZ spec for the Nissan JUKE is yet to be confirmed and may change from what is stated above.

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