Icons Get a Makeover: ŠKODA Felicia

Enter the mind of French designer Martin Leprince, as he reimages the ŠKODA FELICIA as a modern day cabriolet.

While you may have to grit your teeth through the weather sometimes. Nothing beats the driver experience of good cabriolet. With the driver, car & surroundings in perfect sync. It was these three elements French designer Martin Leprince from ŠKODA Design sought to elevate in this modern rendition of the classic ŠKODA FELICIA.

Martin Leprince with the classic SKODA Felicia

The ŠKODA FELICIA was a fun, carefree convertible produced between 1959 & 1965. The FELCICIA was based in the OCTAVIA of the time. The FELICIA was the last of the mass-produced ŠKODA cabriolet’ with under 15,000 being made.

SKODA Felicia interior design board by Martin Leprince

“Choosing a cabriolet was important for me, because you can see the exterior and interior at the same time. People may buy cars for their exterior looks, but most of the time they see the car from inside, and in a cabriolet the two combine beautifully,”

Martin Leprince, on why he chose the FELICIA

He calls his modern cabriolet the Bohe Vita, inspired by a bohemian lifestyle and elegant lines and proportions. Martin combined the classic elongated bonnet and rear and the clean design language of modern SKODA vehicles.

Martin Leprince presenting his design while sitting on the floor

Leprince starts with small scale sketches of the his vision. The idea behind this is to nail the overall lines and proportions of the vehicle, without getting bogged down by details. Once the cars shape has been perfected, Leprince begins to chisel out an identity for the vehicle with the details. This process took Laprince about four days in total before a detailed design could be settled on.

To read the full story and get a more in-depth look at Martin Laprince’s process visit ŠKODA Storyboard here.

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